About Zyzz


Zyzz was born Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian in Moscow, Russia, on 24 March 1989. His family moved to Australia in the early 90s, where he was raised in Eastwood, New South Wales.

Zyzz attended Marist College Eastwood secondary school, where he became Dux of the college. He went on to graduate from the university of Sydney with a degree in Business and Commerce.
Zyzz passed away on 5 August 2011 in a sauna in Bangkok. He suffered a heart attack and doctors were unable to revive him. Many have speculated that Zyzz’s death was due to steroid abuse, but the post mortem revealed a heart defect, and his family have since confirmed that heart problems run in the family.

With his passion for high energy training and living, it was simply a matter of time before he ran into complications. His family have said that he was showing signs of breathlessness weeks before his death, but sadly the condition remained undiagnosed.

Aziz Shavershian left behind a legacy as a bodybuilder, personal trainer and internet celebrity. A self-proclaimed ectomorph, the skinny kid transformed his body in 4 years , and became labelled by his fans as the “Son of Zeus”. Zyzz originally started training to impress girls, but his motivation went beyond that as the years progressed, and he famously stated:

“I can safely say that my motivation to train goes far beyond that of merely impressing people, it is derived from the feeling of having set goals and achieving them and outdoing myself in the gym. I absolutely love it, the feeling of pushing out that last rep, and getting skin tearing pumps is something I don’t see myself without.”

Zyzz became the poster boy for ‘aesthetics’, a subculture of Australian bodybuilding that focuses on the art, beauty and lifestyle of body sculpting. He had also started his own protein label “Protein of the Gods, and clothing line. Primarily, however, Zyzz was most at home in the gym, and his personal training and experience led to the creation of his Bodybuilding Bible, a definitive guide to achieving the ultimate physique.

Zyzz denied ever taking steroids, but shortly before his death he reportedly spoke with legendary Gold Coast loan shark, Tim Sharky, who asked him what he was taking, to which Zyzz replied, “Everything”. The Daily Telegraph reported that the company Zyzz once worked for as stripper stated that he was a lovely guy, “aside from the steroids”. Zyzz has also been quoted as using phrases such as “riding bicycles,” which is gym slang for cycling steroids.

Zyzz’s legacy is carried by his brother Chestbrah (Said Shavershian), who has also become an internet celebrity in his own right. Said is responsible for a 19-minute tribute video entitled, “Zyzz – The legacy”