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The Zyzz Tattoo and What it Means


Zyzz was known for having the sickest tattoos. Almost makes me want to go out and get a tattoo myself.

Check out some of the videos below containing real footage of Aziz Shavershian himself getting some of his tattoos.

Check out Aziz Shavershian getting his angel tattoo in this video! I personally think his angel tattoo is the best.

Here is Zyzz getting his entire sleeve tattoo on his arm.

Check out the Zyzz tattoo gallery below:



  1. Dani Farsø February 26, 2016 Reply

    Give me design off zyzz tattoo sleve

  2. Aaron jones February 29, 2016 Reply

    I’d like a design of all zyzz’s tattoos?

  3. Alejandro March 14, 2016 Reply

    Can you give me the design of his sleeve tattoo

  4. Miguel Morin March 22, 2016 Reply


    I have already couple of tatoos but would love to have zyzz chest flower design and if possible the sleeve design also since ill add some details to my sleeve

    thanks again

    Cheers Brah!

  5. koen May 24, 2016 Reply

    i would like the back angel tattoo thanks brah fuaark

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