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How To Get Hot Facebook Girls Like Zyzz [5 Secret Tips]



Zyzz was a master at attracting girls on Facebook, and now you can be too. In the US alone there are over 50,000,000 girls on Facebook, and the large majority are single girls just waiting to talk to guys like you. So today we’re going to share with you some of Zyzz’s best kept tips to help get you started in your quest to meet and hook up with more girls from Facebook.

Right, let’s get started so you can start meeting girls today!

Tip 1: Choose The Correct Profile Picture

The profile picture is extremely important because it reflects a very personal image of you and the kind of guy you are. Your profile picture is the first thing a girl will see, so it must be flattering in more ways than one.

Whatever you do don’t use cartoon images or fake pictures of actors or singers, this won’t get you any play. This might sound obvious, but go take a look around on Facebook. You will see that so many guys are falling foul of this number one rule.

Don’t pose or be too extrovert, choose a picture that is natural and authentic, a picture that makes you look like a credible, likeable and fun guy.

Tip 2: Use The Correct Approach

When approaching a girl on Facebook you need to use the correct strategy. Don’t just approach any girl; approach a girl with whom you have a shared friend or similar profile interest.

Check out “new in” “any city” groups and browse through the members lists. If you find a new girl in your city then add her as a friend and send her a message telling her you are new in town. Once you have established a relationship, ask her if she would like to meet for coffee sometime.

Think about it, when you are a new person in a new town you are desperate to meet like-minded people, right? This tactic worked for Zyzz when he was jet-setting all over the world.

Tip 3: Don’t Come Over All Needy!

Whatever you do don’t give any girl you connect with the impression that you’re looking for a girlfriend, a date or even hot sex. Keep it casual and cool. This approach is far more endearing to a girl. It makes you seem more interesting and not just “another guy looking for a girlfriend or a date”.

Don’t appear desperate, which brings us nicely onto the next tip…

Tip 4: Don’t Act Like A Stalker!

Once you have fixed a date, don’t Facebook stalk her! This means not getting all obsessive in the lead up to your meet.

Don’t get overexcited and start sharing her posts all the time and liking her updates every 5 minutes. Don’t private message her either unless she messages you. Once the date is fixed wait for her to contact you.

The only time you contact her is two days beforehand to confirm the date.

Tip 5: Do Your Research First

Make sure you are fully prepared for your date by checking out her profile to see what kind of things she is interested in. You will need lots of things to talk about on your date, so research the kind of books, movies, TV shows, bands and animals she likes. By knowing what she likes you can establish mutual ground and start building a connection FAST!



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