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Welcome to the World’s Biggest Zyzz Fan Site is the biggest Zyzz dedication site on the PLANET. You’ll learn every little thing you have to learn about the guy who objectified determination, strength and motivation. You’ll discover all you have to understand to walk in the footprints of the Son of Zeus.

You’ll become alpha as fuck, and go from being a sad kunt, to a sick kunt in no time at all.

We’re pleased that you have decided to join us during this movement of the true king of Aesthetics, Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian. We love anything Zyzz and strive to get you all just like him. You can even follow the exact Zyzz workout routine and diet plan right here on this site.

With that you should be armed with everything you need to be a swoldier in no time.

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Who is Aziz Shavershian?

We are dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the late, great Aziz Shavershian, better known to the world as Zyzz.

If you followed Zyzz while he was alive, or are just finding his legend now, join us here to respectfully celebrate his life and legacy.

Zyzz left a mark on the world that cannot be erased. Since his untimely passing his popularity has continued to rise, as it no doubt would have if he had stayed on this earth.

He continues to inspire and motivate through his amazing dedication to body sculpting, and his happy go lucky attitude to life.

In just 4 years Zyzz built a body that would change the lives of so many young men. He went from ectomorph to lean, shredded machine in amazingly short time, proving that nothing is beyond you if you believe in yourself.

Zyzz left this world at just 22 years old, yet in that short time he left a legacy that will live on. He was larger than life itself, living every minute to its fullest as a bodybuilder, personal trainer, model, internet celebrity and budding actor whose career was just taking off.

He was the poster boy responsible for the growth of the Australian aesthetics movement, and a respected international model; not to mention a magnet for hot girls.

Here at, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the man who personified strength, leadership and inspiration.

You’ll find out all you need to know to walk in the footsteps of the Son of Zeus. Follow the official Facebook page by clicking “like” on the button on the right-hand side of this page.

If you’re looking to emulate a life like Zyzz, this is the place to make it happen.

We’re happy that you choose to join the Zyzz community, however, we do ask one thing of you, and that is keep all comments on the blog respectful to Zyzz’s memory. This will help us preserve his memory in the most respectful way for his family.

Long live the memory of Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian!