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What is Zyzz Real Name?


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Well, by the name of this website you’ve probably guessed it. Zyzz was actually born Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian.

However, his mom is about the only person who called him ‘Aziz’ in the tender years before he died, although occasionally his brother, Chestbrah, would affectionately refer to him by his birth name, too.

The name Zyzz comes from the ‘Ziz’ part of ‘Aziz’, and was a nickname developed in his teens. A key reason in the development of the name Zyzz was his family’s move to Australia in the 90s. Australia hasn’t always been very friendly to immigrants, and it is far easy to get on there with a cool nickname like Zyzz than Aziz, which doesn’t sound like a native Australian name.

We decided to call this tribute site Aziz Shavershian because of two reasons: Firstly, the Zyzz domain was taken, so if we wanted that we couldn’t have it anyway, but secondly, and mainly because we thought it would be respectful to honour his birth name. I mean, everyone knows ‘Zyzz’, but how many people really know much about the person behind the pictures and the hype.

Now you know Zyzz real name you can read a full profile about his life here. 


  1. bart March 9, 2016 Reply

    mush respect for zyzz RIP brah
    I not want to be insulting, but in which cemetery rest the son of zeus? this year i’m going on a holiday in australia,a great opportunity to visit him _o_
    thx for keeping him alive

    friendly regards B from belgium

    • lix March 18, 2016 Reply

      Sorry Bart, I don’t know. I think the family are keeping it as secret so not too many people flock there.

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