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Zyzz Shorts: Get All the Brahs Mirin’


With the rise of Zyzz shorts to fame, it is not only the girls who are socially accepted to wear short shorts. Stop the typecasting brahs! Let’s give a big thanks to Zyzz: he made shorts look like a clothing you can wear anywhere and any way you want on a daily basis. Aside from his killer abs and aesthetic hair, the Zyzz shorts are also one of the things our ultimate bro popularized. Undoubtedly, there’s definitely plenty to admire about this man – from head to toe.

Zyzz shorts made up part of his trademark aesthetic look. The low rise, colorful varieties showed off his small waist and shredded stomach.

Zyzz’s iconic look sparked a throwback to the 80’s bodybuilding era when short shorts that hugged the top of the legs were worn to make the waist look thinner and the upper body wider.

Aziz’s whole crew followed him in this fashion, and most of the pictures you’ll see of his training gang wore these bodybuilding shorts. As you can see from the pictures, the shorts really show off the lines around the oblique area, something we know drives the girls crazy.

The look of Zyzz shorts

But Some People Say These Shorts Look Gay!

The truth is, people who say stuff like that do so for one of 4 reasons:

1. They don’t have the physique to carry it off.

2. They can’t afford the shorts.

3. Their legs are too skinny.

4. They are too scared to be a leader like Zyzz.

If you want to wear something, who gives a crap about what anyone else says? If you train hard for the body you have then why not show it off. Girls love them and other guys get jealous, that’s the truth.

Comfort vs. Aesthetics

Zyzz shorts really do add a hot macho physique to a man’s appeal. But beyond the aesthetics, these shorts helped Zyzz reach maximum leg flex and stretch while he was exercising. Also, it provided more comfort as the sweat from his legs could dissolve easily into the air, hence, heat was not confined in his body for long.

This aspect is one thing gym enthusiasts must consider because when heat is concealed and unable to dissolve from the body, you could suffer from a heat stroke. Really, our bro is a legend. He’s a virtuoso. Haha!

Where To Buy Zyzz Shorts

Zyzz shorts mostly came from a company called Thing is, they are pretty damn expensive, starting at around $80. The good news is that Amazon is doing a deal on some of the exact shorts Zyzz had, and by the same company: for half the price!

You can get the exact blue and black pair Zyzz had now! Check out our first featured product below:

New-Hot-Sale-Household-Shorts-Casual-Outdoors-Running-Shorter-Men-s-Gym-Shorts-Fitness-Comfortable-Shorts (5)

Some Advice About Your Zyzz Shorts

The cool thing about this style of bodybuilding shorts is that you can wear them in the gym, on the beach, and just lounging around. And if you’re like Zyzz, you might have the guts to wear them to music festivals and the park on a sunny day.

Stand out from the crowd. Be the bro everyone looks up to. Be inspired by Zyzz and have it your own way.

They are suitable for swimming because they are lightweight, and usually polyester, which means they don’t shrink when they keep getting wet. Don’t worry about the low cut either, they won’t fall down because you have the drawstring to make them tight.

We recommend that you’re careful putting things in the pockets though. The pockets are more for show than holding stuff, and it’s very likely that your phone, keys, or money will slip out unexpectedly.

Aside from making shorts fashionable, Zyzz is more well-known as an aesthetic idol because of his enviable abs and physique which he achieved through patient and persistent bodybuilding. Want to know Zyzz’s bodybuilding techniques? Check out Zyzz workout here.

Would you wear the Zyzz shorts? Share your thoughts in the comment below.


  1. Christian March 2, 2016 Reply

    Amigos quiciera saber si pudiera llegar a peru el producto, en verdad quiciera tenerlo, muchas gracias espero su respuesta

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