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Zyzz Death Controversy Reignited By The Shark


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Controversy surrounding Zyzz’s death has once again been stirred up after comments made by Tim Sharky on his Twitter page.

We know that Sharky spoke with Zyzz a week before he died, but in this latest revelation he claims to have told Zyzz that he was a retarded junkie. He then goes on to say that Zyzz owed a lot of money to drug dealers, and that cops found loads of drugs in his hotel room after his heart attack in the sauna…


In this next tweet Sharky suggest that Zyzz was whacked (killed by drug dealers) to whom he owed money:


He then say that a cop told him they “found enough crystal meth and coke in his room to lock him up for 30 years”. Crystal meth is very easy to get hold of in Thailand. But was Zyzz really doing these kind of drugs?


He then reveals the cop’s name as John, who works with foreign deaths in Thailand. He also blames the aesthetic crew for not helping Zyzz when they knew he was a drug addict.


Sharky goes on to say that his family never came to Thailand because of the “truckload” of coke and crystal meth found in his room. Apparently Zyzz hated the way he looked and planned on getting his nose and teeth fixed in Thailand, but the Bangkok drug culture got to him and pulled him in.


Lastly he delivers a diss to the entire aesthetics crew….


So, what do you think?

  • Was Zyzz on drugs?
  • Was there loads of coke and meth found in his room?
  • Was this the reason his family didn’t travel to Thailand?
  • Did Zyzz hate himself and plan on getting a nose job and his teeth fixed?
  • Was he pulled in by the Bangkok underground drug world?
  • Is Sharky talking crap?
  • Does he know more than he is letting on?


  1. lol da fak February 11, 2016 Reply

    That tim sharky is retarded,
    all he does is posts thai midget women whom he fucks (they actually look like his daughter next to him)

    he is probably craving for attention
    Why would zyzz fix his teeth again after getting veneers, i mean he did have an overbite but if he wanted to fix that it would be through braces/invisalign ,
    and his nose part, zyzz had already fixed it once, people who claim puberty are dumb, a crooked swollen nose can never be fixed through puberty(i know because i have 1 atm)
    zyzz had done nose job already so why the fuck would he do it again, he was not going to go for a small nose like chestbrah for sure

    In the end Tim Sharky please fuck yourself and stop talking about Zyzz when you literally have no proof that he has done any of those things.

  2. neat February 17, 2016 Reply

    tim sharky is a known pedophile, who cares what he says

  3. Zyzzfan February 20, 2016 Reply

    yer, you know it bro.

  4. Daniel March 19, 2016 Reply

    Zyzz might have used coca or meth but only for mood. I doubt that he was a junkie, I mean he is a person who loved himself so much and cared extremely for his condition/aesthetics.
    His parents didn’t go to Thailand probably because they were disappointed from their son as Zyzz neglected his heart health and continued to work out hard and juice a lot. His parents probably thought that as stupid and crazy,yet I think dying for what you love isn’t.
    And know that this person Sharky is talking crap, attention-seeker.

  5. quinton991 August 7, 2016 Reply

    When my friends were in Thailand some of them got in serious trouble and some almost got locked in the prison (no drugs, just arguments with people and the police). Thailand is a dangerous place, the people there are very proud of themselves, and they will provoke you.
    So. i will never go to Thailand, dangerous place, especially for fired up people like Zyzz.

    On the other hand, he probably would die very soon anyway because of the wrong mindset plus health problems.
    Unfortunately most of the western youngsters are spoiled.

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