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Zyzz on the Forums


I was recently looking up some forum posts done by Zyzz on to get a sense of his personality.

I found a thread on that Zyzz was also in, and it was about someone saying Zyzz basically ripped him off.

You can read the whole thing here:

Personally, I’m not really sure what to believe, but it does look like Zyzz was a bit of a douche bag to the guy. But I’m not hating, I can  be one too. And he had a good reason…because he was, well, Zyzz.

But Zyzz basically hated the fame and made it pretty clear on the forum when he said this:


And this:


The conversation was pretty intense. Zyzz was definitely a very cocky guy, but his confidence and outgoing personality were the reasons he was so inspiring. And of course his transformation videos.

Anyway, what do you think about Zyzz after you read this conversation, brahs? Does it make you lose some respect for him, or will Zyzz always be the father of aesthetics in your eyes?


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